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Pass the Tomatoes, Please

by on Jun.18, 2010, under Fruits and Veggies, General Nutrition, Recipes

They say an apple a day.  I say tomato a day…. the OTHER red fruit!

Tomatoes are considered to be one of the most nutritious among all fruits and vegetables.  This is because tomatoes contain the highest concentration of  a highly potent antioxidant called lycopene,  which is where the tomatoes vibrant red color comes from. Lycopene  is known to help flush free radicals from the body and provides anti-aging benefits.  Many

....  The OTHER red fruit.

.... The OTHER red fruit.

studies have also discovered that lycopene rich diets can help in the fight against cancerous cell formation as well as ward off many other health conditions.  The most compelling evidence so far is the role of lycopene in prostate cancer prevention. Research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute stated that whole tomatoes offer better protection from prostate cancer than lycopene supplements alone.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin K, a vitamin important to bone health. The fiber in tomatoes aids healthy digestion, lower cholesterol and aids in weight loss. Tomatoes also contain lutein which is needed for healthy eyes and may help prevent macular degeneration and to improve vision. 

If that weren’t enough, tomatoes are low in calories, sugar, sodium, and fat and are an excellent source of many essential vitamins and minerals as well.  One medium-sized tomato containing only 22 calories. And since tomatoes are low on the glycemic Index, they do not cause spikes in insulin in the body and help to keep blood sugar balanced.

Maximizing the Nutrients in Tomatoes

Fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes contain more vitamin C than cooked tomatoes as the cooking process destroys some of the vitamin C; however, cooked or processed tomatoes contain higher concentrations of lycopene. Eating or cooking tomatoes with a small amount of healthy fat or oil increases the body’s absorption of lycopene.

Although only mid-June here in South Georgia, fresh garden tomatoes are already plentiful .

Friday Night.... Pizza night.

Friday Night.... Pizza night.

Forget Pappa John and Little Caesar….Try this for a quick, light and nutritious fresh tomato pizza:


Preheat oven to 425.
Spread the pesto on the bread.
Add a layer of tomato and a layer of basil.
Sprinkle or lightly layer cheese over the top.
Dust with Oregano, if using
Bake for 7 minutes, or until the cheese is golden and melted.
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